Teen oriented, interactive workshops that encourage teens to think, analyse and explore. We emphasize the uniqueness of every one of us, the ability each of us have to change our lives for the better and the unlimited potential that each of us have. We encourage teens to follow their dreams and we give them the tools to create the road map for it.


Creating a positive outlook, even in difficult circumstances. Learning to shift our focus from the negative aspects in our lives to the positive parts of our lives.

Creating Meaning

Based on Simon Sinek’s ‘The Golden Circle’, this interactive 2 part workshop teaches teens how to find meaning in their lives and change habits through connecting to their true desires.

Success after failure

If someone says, ‘I tried but did not succeed,’ do not believe them. If someone says, ‘I did not try and i succeeded,’ do not believe them. If someone says, ‘I tried and i succeeded,’ believe them! Teaching teens to value failure as a necessary tool to success.

Time management

An interactive and practical workshop discussing the value of time and the best ways to ensure that we use each moment to its fullest. We discuss the importance of being present and how to manage the time we spend with technology in general and social media specifically.

Pride and Respect

Teaching teens to be proud of their heritage, religion or nationality whilst respecting others who are different from them.

Decisions with Confidence

When we create the journey of our lives rather than follow the easiest path, we can make decisions with confidence. We discuss how to create our journey, why it’s important to go step by step and how we can best use out our potential.