Unite together with people all around the world to create a day of good deeds on Rosh Chodesh Nissan – Wednesday 25/3

What do you need to do:

1. Choose a Mitzvah, a good deed that you can do. Look below for some ideas.

2. Full out the form below with the good deed that you will do.

3. Do the good deed on Wednesday 25th March.

4. Encourage others to do the same. Together we can make a difference.

          Ideas of Good Deeds:

    1.   Offer help to a neighbour

    2.  Add a prayer

    3.  Put on Tefillin

    4.  Say extra Psalms

    5.  Give some charity

    6.  Learn extra Torah

    7.  Call someone in isolation to say hello


    “A person should always look at himself as equally balanced between merit and sin and the world as equally balanced between merit and sin…if he performs one Mitzvah, he tips his balance and that of the entire world to the side of merit and brings deliverance and salvation to himself and others.”

    – The Rambam