Our Vision

The London Docklands and the East End of London has a rich and vibrant Jewish history. In the late 19th and early 20th century, it was home to a colorful and lively Jewish community with a large variety of synagogues, Mikvahs, Talmud Torahs and communal events. However, as Jews moved out of the area, those services dwindled and there is currently no Jewish community in the Docklands area.

In the last 20 years, the Docklands has gone through a massive rejuvenation and have become young, vibrant and growing communities. As of 2011, there were over 750 Jews in the Docklands, and that number has grown immensely. We estimate that there are currently between 1000-2000 Jewish people in the Docklands that do not have any Jewish community, services or events connecting them to Jewish life. We aim to build a community that every Jew can call home, so that once again, the London Docklands will be a place of vibrant Jewish life.

Partner with us in creating a vibrant and warm Jewish community of the Docklands. A place to celebrate Shabbos and holidays together with services, meals and programs for children and adults alike. An opportunity for children and adults to learn about their heritage, and a place for teens & students to learn and experience Judaism in a relevant way. A community, to celebrate the good times and support each other in the tough times. Be a part of building this wonderful community.