Kelsey Wills

I have my Honours in Fine Art and have a passion for cooking. I combine my love for art and cooking by creating interesting and flavourful dishes. I believe that you eat with your eyes, therefore, I aim to treat every dish I create, as I would an artwork. Ingredients should be celebrated and treated with the utmost respect, so that they shine in every possible way. Eating should be an occasion, it should evoke emotion, nostalgia and pleasure. When all this is considered, a dish can heighten all the senses and envelope a person.

I have a particular zest for Mediterranean cuisine with the ultimate respect for French techniques and Japanese precision. I have a multitude of courses and training in the art of pastry, bread, pasta and nutrition.

In 2014 I started my own company. This was a catering company focused on delivering ready-made meals to those who wanted pre-packed meals specifically suited for weight management and specialised diets.

I grew this business into a broader catering company called The Black Radish. This enabled me to cater for all needs, not just for specific dietary requirement. I offer a range of services, such as menu design and development; catering for intimate functions; private chef experiences and ready-made meals.

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